To post, or not to post

Clearly, you can see which option I went for. So while I am still a little unsure of what to post and where – I suppose it can’t help to put all of this randomised creativity in one place.

You never know.

That said! Below follows my response on the daily challenge for today:

Find a random daily create (#tdc1347 – check) and get it wrong. Well, the original daily create was to age a new photo, to make it look realistically old. Did I get it wrong? Hope so!



Ohmigosh! I think I’ve just joined a cult!

tumblr_static_tumblr_static_eewtd0bly144ok0sgok4ccc4k_640Hello world!

Well, here I am, honest to goodness excited about the onslaught of creativity that is about to begin. A little nervous, yes – But at least it does feel like there is an entire community out there who will help with the ‘training wheels’, as it were.

There seem to be all sorts of warnings about #ds106’s ‘cult’ status – And I totally get it! Who wouldn’t want to get all swept up in it?

Thank you for visiting! Much love ❤